Hosted PBX with Ultimate Flexibility and Reliability

Enter the world of Voice over IP with minimal effort and cost. Shift8’s iPBX is a business-class Hosted PBX solution with the flexibility and scalability of Internet communications. Shift8’s iPBX provides advanced communication tools and calling features, all completely managed and hosted for you over a global IP network. Your organization can avoid significant capital investment while reaping the benefits of selling Hosted PBX services to your customers.

Over the years, Shift8 and its partners have assisted countless businesses realize the “true” benefits of a Hosted PBX and VoIP solution. From Law Firms and Doctor’s Offices, to Car Dealerships and Real Estate Brokerage Firms—each has found that the quality, capability, and value have met and exceeded their business’ requirements.

What Does Hosted PBX Provide?

Shift8’s Hosted PBX service eliminates the need to purchase or lease expensive PBX equipment to gain advanced calling features such as voicemail, automated attendants, extension dialing, call forwarding, call park, or call transfer. Shift8 also eliminates the need to obtain service from multiple carriers for local and long distance calling, PBX tie-lines or private line services. Bottom line, Shift8’s Hosted PBX offers your customers the freedom from legacy equipment costs, eliminates reliance on slow-moving traditional phone companies and multiple bills, and offers you the flexibility to deliver customized user productivity solutions to your customers.

Increase Your Customers Responsiveness

Provide your customers with the ability to handle inquiries without delay while enhancing employee flexibility and productivity. Hosted PBX expands their options for business communication with features such as:
  • A single number to reach an employee wherever they are located: on the road, at a customer site or working from home
  • Ability for employees to make and answer calls from a range of devices
  • An enriched call experience with on-demand conference calling, web conferencing, and more

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