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The SaaS industry is facing the next disruptive phase since the creation of "The Cloud" and telephony applications are leading the way.  This enormous opportunity opens doors for new engagements as users actively seek a better understanding of how these next generation telephony applications can positively impact their business.  With VoIP, WebRTC and Mobile First OTT applications converging, the impact on how and where we are able to conduct business will be huge.

​The Shift8 Channel Alliance Program provides many ways to differentiate your business and the tools you need to understand this 'Shift' in communications and how these innovative applications can help your customers’ business grow.

Want to move your business forward while providing the best solutions for your customers?

By integrating hosted VoIP with cloud-based messaging and desktop applications, Shift8 offers true Unified Communications to businesses. If you’re looking to take advantage of opportunities to sell VoIP and Cloud Communication solutions to your customers, you are faced with a critical decision: Do you make an up-front investment and do it yourself? Or, do you look for a partnership that will help you lower costs and give you access to the benefits that come from working with a proven provider with the expertise and infrastructure to deliver a complete solution?  The choice is yours.

Shift8's Channel Alliance Program allows your business to receive the best value on the dollar while providing industry-leading, top quality VoIP and cloud communication solutions to your clients.​
  • You have total ownership of your customer. We are completely transparent.
  • Capture the recurring revenue with your own Private Label.
  • Enjoy recurring monthly revenue with Margins of up to 70%.
  • Create Equity Value for your business with recurring revenue.
  • Provide a more feature rich cost effective solution to your customers.

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