Terms and Conditions

Universal Service Fee (USF):  This is a federal tax designed to ensure affordable access to telecommunications services for telephone customers with low incomes, telephone customers who live in areas where the cost of providing telephone service is extremely high, (e.g., libraries, schools, and rural healthcare providers). The FederalCommunications Commission(FCC) adjusts this tax rate quarterly. our monthly bill may increase or decrease as a result.
Emergency 911 Fee (E911):  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)requires that Shift8 Networks provideEmergency 911 services, and allows us to charge a recurring monthly fee that is used for next generation costs required by the FCC for supporting computer software and hardware upgrades to all public safety answering points (PSAP)to send assistance to the registered location of the 911 caller.
Other Taxes: Prices for the monthly services and onetime fees do not include any customs duties, sales, use, value added, excise, federal, state, local, public utility, universal or other similar taxes. All such taxes will be added to any amounts otherwise charged to you unless you provide Shift8Networks with an appropriate exemption certificate.
Our Vision
"To team up with first-rate partners to deliver the latest in communication technology and provide exceptional customer support that will result in transforming the businesses we serve."
-Art Smith, CEO