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Business communications should be strategic to an organization's competitiveness, but too often it is just a cost of doing business. No business has historically argued that its success was the result of proper selection of its phone system. That's why it is time to rethink communications. Phone systems are out! The alternatives are varied, but generally offer broader and more empowering capabilities that promote collaboration among colleagues as well as enhanced interaction with customers, partners and suppliers.​

Shift8’s Unified Communications and Collaboration Portfolio leverages the power of VoIP telephony to bring multimedia communications, enterprise applications, and personal information into one seamless and integrated environment for seamless interactions with co-workers, partners and customers from nearly any device and any place.​

Shift8’s Unified Communications (UC) Service is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) communication and collaboration solution. An ingenious purpose-built IP architecture makes our business VoIP phone system look and behave like a single, unified platform. It distributes the system’s intelligence across the communications environment so the system scales and grows as needed, across sites, or even countries. With an intuitive browser-based administrative and user interface, staff can maintain and adjust their account from anywhere.

Your single source for unified communications and collaboration

With a rich range of communication, collaboration and mobility solutions – backed by the world's global IP network and a multi-vendor approach – Shift8 Networks can be your single source solution for multiple unified communications and collaboration benefits.

Simplify communications and collaboration

By combining our solutions with some of the world's leading communication and collaboration tools into a cohesive offering, Shift8 can enable your business to provide your customers consolidated access to multiple tools across many devices, preserve investments and adopt new capabilities quickly.

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